New publications (May 2018)

Free Indirect Style in Modernism: Representations of consciousness

Rundquist, Eric. Free Indirect Style In Modernism: Representations Of Consciousness. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2017. Print.

The Pragmatics of Irony and Banter

Jobert, Manuel, and Sandrine Sorlin. The Pragmatics Of Irony And Banter. Amsterdam: John Benjamins Publishing Company, 2018. Print.

Theorie und Typologie narrativer Unzuverlässigkeit am Beispiel englischsprachiger Erzählliteratur

Realistische Narratologie, Otto Ludwigs "Romanstudien" im Kontext einer Geschichte der Erzähltheorie

The Novel of Infinite Storage

Figlerowicz, Marta. The Novel Of Infinite Storage. Poetics Today 39 (2018): 201–219. Web. Poetics Today.

The Fiction of the Rise of Fictionality

Fludernik, Monika. The Fiction Of The Rise Of Fictionality. Poetics Today 39 (2018): 67–92. Web. Poetics Today.

The Cruft of Fiction: Mega-Novels and the Science of Paying Attention

The Politics of Form

Copland, Sarah, and Greta Olson. The Politics Of Form. London: Routledge, 2017. Print.

RIP Gérard Genette

  • On the occasion of Gérard Genette's passing, we transmit the message below on behalf of CRAL, organiser of the 3rd ENN conference in Paris. 
  • There is another "hommage" over at (also in French) and also here


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