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Seminar Call for Paper
The Ethics of Form in Contemporary Limit-case Trauma Narratives

Convenors : Jean-Michel Ganteau, University of Montpellier 3,  and Susana Onega, University of Zaragoza,

The seminar will investigate the ways in which contemporary British trauma narratives, whether fictional or not, inscribe and perform ethical options in their very form. Trauma theory and criticism will thus be considered along with issues predicated on thematic, generic or modal traits (the resurgence of the fairy/ghost tale, of the diary, etc.), on structural characteristics (how narratives thwart linearity by conflating heterogeneous temporal hypostases to evoke traumatic belatedness), on the way in which point of view is resorted to so as to blur the limits between autobiography and fiction (which could address the collaboration between autofiction and testimony), etc.

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