Call for papers - Language and Psychoanalysis

'Language and Psychoanalysis' is a new journal that aims to further the
understanding of the interaction between Linguistic Analysis and Theory &
Psychoanalytic Theories and Techniques. It is the only interdisciplinary journal
with a strong focus on the qualitative and quantitative analysis of language and
psychoanalysis. The journal is also inclusive and not narrowly confined to the
Freudian psychoanalytic theory.

We are currently considering manuscripts for the first issue that will appear in
autumn/winter 2012. Any relevant manuscripts with an emphasis on language
and psychoanalysis will be considered, including papers on methodology,
theory, philosophy, child development, psychopathology, psychotherapy,
consciousness studies, cognition, cross-cultural research, and case studies.
The journal also publishes short research reports, book reviews, interviews,
obituaries, and readers' comments.

Please submit an electronic version of your manuscript to the editor Laura
Cariola (

Deadline of submission: 30th April 2012
Deadline for submission of final paper: 30th September 2012

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