Workshop "Which narratologies beyond mimetic narratology?", Paris, 24.9.2010

Place and Time: EHESS, 105 Bd Raspail, Room 2, 75006 Paris; September 24th, 2010, 09h00 to18h00
Organization: Centre de Recherche sur les Arts et le Langage (CRAL – EHESS/CNRS)
Contact: Simone Morgagni (simone.morgagni(at)


9.00: Welcome address and general introduction

9.30: Stefan Iversen (Aarhus Universitet) Unnatural Narratology – An Introduction

9.45: Brian Richardson (Maryland University) Story and Discourse

10.45: Coffee break

11.00: Henrik Skov Nielsen (Aarhus Universitet) Narrators

12.00: Stefan Iversen (Aarhus Universitet) Minds

13.00: Lunch   

14.30: John Pier (Université de Tours & CRAL EHESS/CNRS) Unnatural Narratology – General Narratology

15.30: Simone Morgagni (LIAS-IMM EHESS/CNRS & SUM – Università di Bologna) Stories from Fragmentation: Beyond Discourse Narratology

16.30: Coffee break  

16.50: Philippe Roussin (CRAL EHESS/CNRS) A propos (notamment) de « Faim » de Knut Hamsun (Regarding Knut Hamsun's « Hunger »)

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