Conference "Space in Literature: Questioning Space in Fiction"

The conference will take place in Amsterdam, 26-27 May 2011. The goal of this conference is to bring together classicts and modern literary theorists on the concept of space. A more detailed introduction to the conference’s can be found here.

This is the (provisional) programme:


8h30-9h: registration with coffee
9h-9h15: opening by the organizers

PANEL LIVED SPACE Chair: H. van der Liet
9h15-10h: I. Hoving, Imagined space/Lived space, Alienation/Destruction, Singularity/Specificity:
Testing Three Oppositions To Find Out What (Lived) Space Means
10h-10h45: B. Reitz, From Coercion to Cooperation: Literary Strategies of Representing Human Interventions in Nature
10h45-11h10: coffee break
11h10-11h55: J. van Baak, The House as Lived Space. The House as Myth
11h55-12h40: K. Röttger, Towards a new poetics of space? Theatrical interventions

12h40-13h55: lunch

14h-14h45: E. van Opstall, The Cave as Allegory
14h45-15h30: P. Saoulidou, Mapping ideology: geography in two hymns by Callimachus
15h30-15h45: coffee break
15h45-16h30: J. Klooster, Mapping the the Argo's Myths in Apollonius: A Ptolemaic imperium of knowledge
16h30-17h15: M. Aydemir, Small Places
17h15-18h: H. Dannenberg (keynote speaker), Cognitive, corporeal and territorial space: different approaches to the analysis of space in narrative fiction and film

18h-18h45 drinks at CREA

19u: conference dinner at Kantjil


PANEL TEXT SPACE Chair: I. de Jong
8h30-9h15: E. Barker, 'Approaching cities both small and great': towards identifying the textual networks in Herodotus' Histories
9h15-10h: J.H. Hoogstad, Abstract ‘Imaginary Numbers: The Stuff that Spaces are Made Of’
10h-10h15: coffee break
10h15-11h: J. Gavins, Reimagining Classical Space
11h-11h45: J. Heirman, The Symbolisms of Space in Archaic Greek Lyric: Creating Imaginary Worlds

11h45-13h: lunch

PANEL TIME-SPACE (Allard Pierson) Chair: M. de Bakker
13h-13h45: P. van Uum, Tragic Troy. The spatial construction of a heroic city in fifth-century Greek tragedy
13h45-14h30: S. Adema, Upper world Time in Underworld Space
14h30-14h45: coffee break
14h45-15h30: B. Keunen, Chronotopes as cognitive tools in literary imagination
15h30-16h15: E. Peeren, Grave Stories: The Chronotope of (Re)Burial
16h15-17h: closing discussion

17h: Drinks and dinner at Zeppos

For more information:

Dr. Jacqueline Klooster, Drs. Jo Heirman, Department of Classical Studies, University of Amsterdam; 

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