Narratological Transfer: French Narratology in Russia / Russian Narratology in France


French Narratology in Russia / Russian Narratology in France


Proceedings of the international seminar held at the 

Moscow Center for French and Russian Studies July 12, 2017

Edited by Larissa Mouravieva and John Pier

Available on the website “Narratologies” at:

Conversations with Anna Wierzbicka

Conversations with Anna Wierzbicka Anglocentrism & the dangers for discussions in a global world

An interview with James William Underhill


John Pier

Université de Tours and

New publications (May 2018)


RIP Gérard Genette

  • On the occasion of Gérard Genette's passing, we transmit the message below on behalf of CRAL, organiser of the 3rd ENN conference in Paris. 
  • There is another "hommage" over at fabula.org (also in French) and also here
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