ENN Membership Survey

As you may know, during the general meeting at the last conference in Ghent the suggestion was made that the ENN could be turned from a network into a society with membership fees and a more extended organisatorial infrastructure. This is a complex and multi-sided issue, so that ENN's extended steering group has decided to consult with members of ENN.  Please fill out the survey below, it will only take 5 minutes of your time. The results will be discussed at the next general meeting. The ENN steering group wishes to thank you in advance!

  • Karin Kukkonen
  • Gunther Martens
  • Ondrej Sladek
  • Stefan Iversen
  • Hilary Dannenberg
  • Nora Berning
What further possibilities for member participation in ENN would you like to see implemented?
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About us

ENN is the European Narratology Network, an association of individual narratologists and narratological institutions. ENN aims to foster the study of narrative representation in literature, film, digital media, etc. across all European languages and cultures.