Newsletter XVIII January 2019

Dear Fellow Narratologists,

After a longer pause, we are sending you a new issue of the Newsletter to inform you about various activities of the European Narratology Network. Please find the full Newsletter here and as PDF-attachment to this message.

First, we owe you an explanation for why the Newsletter is published only now – at the beginning of 2019. The main reason has to do with a pending issue that the Steering Committee of the ENN had to decide on prior to sending out a new Newsletter.

In the course of 2018, we were informed that for various reasons it was no longer feasible to hold the next ENN conference in Moscow, as announced at the end of ENN5. Unfortunately, we did not manage to find an alternative solution to the situation by the end of 2018. Our negotiations thus resulted in the decision that no annual ENN conference will be held in 2019. So the next conference will be held, with a year’s delay, only in 2020, either in Moscow or in Tartu or in Brno. The definitive name of the organizer and the conference date will be published in the next Newsletter and on the website

To address the situation, we propose three fundamental changes concerning the organization of future ENN conferences (see section I of this Newsletter). We believe that the steps proposed will facilitate the resolution of this unexpected and difficult situation and will also make the task for future organizers (at least to some degree) easier. We invite other members to step forward and signal their willingness to host one of the future biannual ENN conferences.  

Although the delay is an unpleasant situation for the ENN, we believe that we will overcome it and find an optimal solution soon. We also believe that this will not have any impact on our activities and on the cooperation that forms the very core of our ENN community.


In this Newsletter, you will find news about past as well as future events, which is the best proof that the ENN is alive and has been growing. This also applies to the Steering Committee, which has been extended with 3 co-opted ENN members. The current composition of the ENN Steering Committee is as follows:


The ENN Steering Committee:

Ondřej Sládek (Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Prague),,

Valerij Tjupa (Russian State University for the Humanities, Moscow),

Peter Hühn (Hamburg University),


Co-opted Members of the ENN Steering Committee:

Marina Grishakova (University of Tartu),

Henrik Skov Nielsen, (University of Aarhus),

Roy Sommer (University of Wuppertal),


Best wishes and we look forward to meeting again soon!

The ENN Steering Committee

Ondřej Sládek, Peter Hühn, Valerij Tjupa


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