Didier Coste

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Université Bordeaux 3
33607 PESSAC Cedex (FRANCE)/
Universidad Nacional de Córdoba (Argentina)

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I am the author of Narrative as Communication (Minnesota U. Press, 1989) and many articles and conference papers in the field of narratology from 1979 to the present.
I am the author of the "Narrative Levels" entry in the Hamburg "Handbook".
Presently my main fields of interest are: narrative structures across universes of reference, postcolonial narratology, realism and modes of narrative enunciation, visual narrative, narrative and/in lyrical poetry.
Not affiliated to a narratological society or research unit, nor meaning to become affiliated, but ready to participate in a network. I wish the European network will maintain strong and active links with non-European narratologists, especially in Asia and Latin America.


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