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School of Letters, Art and Media, University of Sydney, Australia.

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Completing a PhD which proposes the methodology of 'transmodiology' for the study of 'polymorphic fictions', that is:

Polymorphic Fictions: The term ‘polymorphic fictions’ refers to fictions that are expressed across multiple forms. Specifically, they are identified by the intra-systemic use of combinations of distinct articulations for meaning.

Transmodiological methodology investigates, among other things, the following:

* transmodal phenomena (phenomena that can be expressed in multiple modes such as narrative, game, drama - eg: framing, cause & metalepsis)
* transgeneric phenomena (phenomena that can be expressed in multiple genres/artistic practices)
* transmedial phenomena (phenomena that can be expressed in multiple media)
* multimodal phenomena (combinations of modes intracompositionally & extracompositionally)
* intra-systemic hypertistic relations
* fictionality, immersion & metalepsis in polymorphic fictions

Case-studies are from USA, Australia, The Netherlands, Finland, Sweden, Brazil, Portugal, Canada...


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