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I hold a PhD in French from the University of Aberdeen (UK). My doctoral
thesis, the revised version of which will be published by Legenda next year,
is an interpretation of Marcel Proust's In Search of Lost Time through the
prism of two philosophical concepts, identity and difference.
I am currently working on a new monograph project with the working title
'Tales of a New Reality: Self-Reflexivity in the French Novel Today', which
has closer links to narratology. This study addresses the often noted yet
never closely examined tendency of the recent French novel to reflect upon
its own condition as writing and fiction. Based on the analysis of the
narrative techniques of seven contemporary novelists representing a broad
range of styles and readership (Quignard, Echenoz, Chevillard, Matthieussent,
Darrieussecq, Nothomb, and Despentes), the proposed monograph will first
revise the existing theoretical framework used to understand
self-reflexivity. The broader representational strategies of current French
fiction will then be studied, showing that these novels point toward a new
definition of reality embracing hybrid dimensions, just as we seek to revise
habitual distinctions between reality and fiction in view of the new virtual
realities of our culture.
I am eager to join the ENN and the discussion related to narratological
concepts and their applicability in literary and philosophical analysis.
Should you require more details about my work and interest, I will be happy
to provide further information or a more elaborate project description.


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