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To provide an idea about my narratological interests, I post a short bio:
Dr. Ulas Basar Gezgin, PhD who teaches economics at the Vietnam campus of an Australian university and who composes regular columns for Turkish newspapers on Asia-Pacific region was born at Istanbul in 1978. After Darussafaka High School, he earned B.A. degree (2000) and M.A. degree (2002) from Bosphorus University. After his training in psychology, he worked at Thailand as a science teacher.
He has received his PhD degree in cognitive sciences at Informatics Institute, Middle East Technical University (Sept. 2003- May 2006) by his dissertation entitled ‘Relationship of Bodily Communication with Cognitive and Personality Variables’. He has also pursued another PhD degree in anthropology at the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at University of Canterbury, New Zealand as a researcher awarded with Postgraduate Scholarship.
After 2 years working as a research assistant at Bogazici University (2000-2002), he has taught courses on psychology, anthropology, linguistics and cognitive sciences at various universities. His recent works involves Asian economies and Asian regional integration efforts.
His first published book is the poetry-in-prose book ‘Eagle or Sun?’ which he had translated from Spanish (Octavio Paz, Istanbul: Virtuel Yayinlari, 2000). In the same year, his stories were awarded Genclik Kitabevi Award and published as a book. The titles of and information about his 13 books (4 books and 9 e-books in the genres of poetry (English and Turkish), opera libretto, academic textbook, essays, stories, translated poetry etc.) published and his other works are provided after the text below.
Website: http://ulas.teori.org
E-Mail: ulas@teori.org
Gezgin’s cognitive scientific works on cogprints: http://cogprints.org/perl/user_eprints?userid=6477
Gezgin’s linguistlist profile: http://linguistlist.org/people/personal/get-personal-page2.cfm?PersonID=...


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