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School of Classics, University of St Andrews, Scotland

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My interests in narratology are an offshoot of my longstanding interests in
the history of literary criticism and theory, especially in antiquity but
also in the influence of ancient texts on later periods. My books include
*Aristotle's Poetics* (1986) and *The Aesthetics of Mimesis: Ancient Texts
and Modern Problems* (2002). I have published specifically on narratological
matters in e.g. 'The Theory and Practice of Narrative in Plato', in J.
Grethlein and A. Rengakos, edd., *Narratology and Interpretation: the Content
of the Form in Ancient Texts* (De Gruyter, Berlin, 2009), 15-41, and I have
been commissioned to write the article on Mimesis/Diegesis for the online
Living Handbook of Narratology. Further details of my research can be found


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