Jiuquan Han

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College of Foreign Languages,
Hebei Agricultural Univeristy

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My interest lies in narratological discourse analysis in which the
narrator's motivation, mode to erect his own status, identity and thus to
influence the circumstance.In turn, this circumstance pervaded with motivated
narration might be favorable to both the narrator and the listener. I base my
research on structuralist narratology rather than that of post-structuralist,
although it might appear to be out of fashion.
It is reasonable for those structuralist literary theorists including Roland
Barthes, Vladimir Propp, Joseph Campbell and Northrop Frye to argue that all
human narratives have certain universal, deep structural elements in common
although advocates of poststructuralism such as Michel Foucault and Jacques
Derrida asserted that such universally shared deep structures were logically
Psychologically, human has such an impulse to narrate what is in his mind
either to quench his own thirst for narration and creation or set up his
status, identity by attractive description, prescription in the form of
appreciaton intermingled with warning or inspiraton to the addressee.
Technically, the Narreme, as the basic unit of narrative structure, does
exist although it has yet to be persuasively defined in practice. According
to Eugene Dorfman and Henri Wittmann, the narreme is to narratology what the
morpheme is to morphology and the phoneme to phonology. In interpretative
narratology constrained in a framework of Principles and parameters,
narration is the projection of a narreme N0, the abstract head of a narrative
macrostructure where Nn dominates immediately Nn-1 (Wittmann 1995).
Pratically, the term "narratology" is applied to not only literary theory
and literary criticism but also sociolinguistic studies of oral storytelling,
conversation analysis or discourse analysis that deal with narratives arising
in the course of spontaneous verbal interaction.


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