Marie-Anne Visoi

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Marie-Anne Visoi

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Department of French, University of Toronto

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Research interests include textual criticism relating to world literature, reader-response theories and cultural studies.

- 20th-Century Novel: narrative self-consciousness, postmodernism
- Textual criticism(19th and 20th-century literature): stylistics, comparative studies
- Cultural Studies:Themes and Motifs in French Novel and Film


"Blended and Online Teaching in the Humanities: Pedagogical Tools for Design and Implementation ", Cambridge Scholars Press, April 2019, 189 pages

“Transgression, Stylistic Variation and Narrative Discourse in the Twentieth Century Novel”, Cambridge Scholars’ Press, February 2014, 140 pages

“A Thematic Approach to French Cultural Studies”, Universal Publishers, 2012, 106 pages



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