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I'm retired and have started to write a German crime novel; parallelely I
work on a little self study textbook to introduce some basical information
about rhetoric figures of speech and logical fallacies to the reader; it's
illustrated wth everyday sorts of situation in that everyone wishes they were
somewhat eloquent. I give an overview of the "38 Kunstgriffe der Redekunst"
by Schopenhauer. Title "Jetzt rede ich", subtitle: "Wie Sie jedes
Streitgespräch gewinnen und wie Sie jederzeit eins vom Zaune brechen
können." (Motto: "rem tene, verba sequentur" (Beherrsche die Sache, die
Worte werden folgen")).

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My novel is a supposition for German authors on writing an authentic German
crime novel instead of imitating the "typically English" atmosphere of the
books by Agatha Christie, Dorothy L. Sayers, Elisabeth George and Martha
Grimes (the two last ones being citizens of the U.S.A.) and do without a
butler, aristocrats, cats and fog - though hopefully not quite without
humour. The title will presumably be: "Höchst private Ermittlungen (Most
private investigations") - Ein Roman mit unverhofften Todesfällen." I try to
establish a woman who sufffers of socialphobia as the unreliable author
(narration in 3rd person singularis, though). The search of the murderer of
Desanidas Cousin Michelle takes her and some friends to Titisee and Neustadt
in the black forest, and while working on this case they all of them have to
overcome personal difficulties, like socialphobia for instance. The murderer
is Michelles mother, a caricarture of a woman who is quite enthusiastic about
"higher education" and continually exposes her own narrowness of mind (and
heart) as well as ignorance in a revealing way, that I hope will entertain
the reader. My field of interest are mambo dancing, reading crime and
whatever I get an appetite for, writing, psychology, the laws and cultural
anthropology, and excellent food whenever I can get it.(I abstain from too
much sweet things and most of the time from junk food, though at times I eat
a Big Mac or two with the best appetite). I hope that will enable you to form
some first bona fide picture of how I am. I love Insepctor Frank Columbo (my
book is a howcatchem, too) and Superintendet Richard Jury; one of the many
authors I love best is Theodor Fontane. (...and Thackeray, Dickens whom I
read completely in the course of the years, Austen, Henri Beyle alias
Stendhal, Dorothy Tennov on Stendhal and cristallisacion, Elsa Maria von
Kamphoevner, Mark Twain, Eichendorff, Robert Frost, Lessing maybe more than
Goethe and....I have, among many others, the bad habit of not being able to
stop when I have once started talking.)


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