Nils Gunder Hansen

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Nils Gunder
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Department for the Study of Culture,
University of Southern Denmark

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Nils Gunder Hansen is professor of Danish Literature at the University of Southern Denmark. He has worked on narrative theory for several years, e.g. the question of literary characters, the phenomenology of Roman Ingarden, the fictional theory of Käte Hamburger and the relations between ethics and narrative fiction (Paul Ricoeur, Martha Nussbaum, James Phelan).
At present he is working in an interdisciplinary field between social sciences and literary theory: how did post-war Danish literature interact with the formation of the welfare state? And how can the ethical explorations of fictional works have an impact on the mentality of the welfare state?
Nils Gunder Hansen was in 2008-2010 Chairman of the Committee for Literature at The Danish Art Foundation and has worked as an editor and literary critic for several Danish newspapers.


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