Ewa Maciejczyk

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Uniwersytet Łódzki (Poland)

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The polymorphous nature of diaries and the disability to create an unequivocal definition, connected with it, motivate to undertake researches on narration and the person of narrator in the Polish diaries of 16th and 17th century, which have been treated so far as historical sources or autobiographic creation. The main purpose of my researches is to reveal different ways of demonstrating the narration creating process as well as the picture of narrator in the old-Polish diaries. Moreover, it is crucial to present an attempt to establish their influence on creating the novel in its mature form. It is important to answer the question: how far could have the old-Polish diaries become the base for developing of the novel narration. What is more, how the elements of presented world, created in diary writing, were used: first of all the person of narrator and the way of conducting the action. However, what kind of elements of diary narration have been presented in the novel of the 18th century.

Researches are conducted on the base of analysis and comparison of the chosen diaries.


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