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doctorate student, department of 'Theory of literature', University of Sofia 'Saint Kliment Ohridski', Sofia, Bulgaria

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My interest in narratology has two sides - first as a scholar I am interested in the 'classical' narratology and structuralism, Barthes, Greimas, Genette, Todorov, as an important part of the historical development of theory of literature, which I will have to teach my students at the university. Secondly, I am interested of narratology because of my personal dissertation project. My theme is 'Time and Image' and I explore the connection between time and image, more specifically time as a temporal dimension, as a characteristic of the image itself hence I proceed from the understanding that there is a constant 'movement' in the text, it is a temporal art and the image has a main role in that 'movement'. For that inquiry the books of Monika Fludernik and Kate Hamburger will be of a high importance. My aim is to create different models of the temporality of the image and to prove that time is not only post factum as a perception on the reader, not only a result, but a base for creating the image, its condition and necessity. And finally, I want to experiment with theory of narratology by applying it to examples of art works of High Modernism. It is a challenge to analyze Modernists texts trough narrative constructions and 'time' there is quite peculiar. Anyway, I would like to contribute with new perspectives of narrative science as it seems a bit neglected here in Bulgaria.


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