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Hacettepe University, Communication Faculty, Communication Sciences, Master’s Degree

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I have been working on structures of narratives in private web blogs and the functions of hyperlinks within these narratives. This led me in turn to address the classical and postclassical narrative theory, new media theories and oral and written literary theories. I am graduated from English Linguistics department of Literature Faculty at Hacettepe University and now this is my fourth semester at Communication Sciences Master’s Degree at Hacettepe University. My research involves examining the narratives of individuals who have been writing private weblogs, and using the facilities of new media. I observe that there are common or similar relations between new media practices and orality based characteristics of human language. Therefore, my research aims to clarify these similarities and differences between the separate periods of human narrative. Specifically looking from the perspective of orality as a fundamental character of language, allows me to understand or follow the evolving process of narratives through the instruments of humankind.


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