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Hanna Nicola
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Institute for Education University of Kiel, Germany

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My main interests are life stories and narrative analysis in the social sciences. I am a German doctoral candidate at the University of Kiel in Germany and I work in the Department for General Science of Education and Educational Research at the Institute for Education. In my PhD thesis, I will discuss the methodology of narrative inquiry, focusing on intercultural contexts (e.g. a European researcher uses this method in non-European countries). I wrote my Master’s thesis about the lifespans of South-Korean women with higher education degrees and their meaning making regarding social norms and values. Because of my Master’s thesis I got interested in methodological issues, which can occur when you use “Western” methods in other cultural contexts. For my research, I used a narrative analysis method developed by the German sociologist Fritz Schütze. Currently, I am interested in learning ways of analysis used in other countries. There are some trending methods in social sciences in Germany, but they are mostly developed by German researchers. I want to find out, if some more artful approaches may be more useful in intercultural contexts.


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