Newsletter, Issue IX, December 2013

Download: ENN Newsletter IX/2013


0: Editorial

I: Conference Reports
I.1 : 2nd International Meeting on Narratology and the Arts
      Strasbourg - December 5-7, 2013
I.2  : Colloquium "On Description"
      Prague - November 14, 2013
I.3 : 6th International Conference for Interactive Digital Storytelling
      Istanbul – November 6-9, 2013
I.4 : 4th International Conference on Narratology
      Guangzhou, China – November 6-9, 2013
I.5: “The Future of Feminist Narratology”
      Cambridge – October 12, 2013
I.6: “The Hundredth Anniversary of Russian Formalism”
       Moscow – August 25-29, 2013
I.7: “The Russian Trace within Narratology”
       Balashov, Russia – November 26-28, 2012

II: Upcoming Events and CfPs    

III: New Publications                           

IV: Information on Online Publications, etc. 

About us

ENN is the European Narratology Network, an association of individual narratologists and narratological institutions. ENN aims to foster the study of narrative representation in literature, film, digital media, etc. across all European languages and cultures.